16 December Poster Design plp file || ১৬ই ডিসেম্বর ব্যানার ডিজাইন plp file

What is a PLP file?:

PLP file is a Pixellab project. Everything you've done in PixelLab can be saved to this file. You can give it to someone else if you want. Anyone else can change the PLP file name by arranging it through the Pixellab app on their phone.

If you want to work with a PLP file, you need to install Pixellab apps on your phone first. Then you need to enter Pixellab.

If you have a downloaded file, how do you open it?

°First click on the 3 dot menu. Then click °Open .plp file.

Click on °PLP.

°Click on the Downloads folder.

°Select the PLP file.

How to share Pixellab's PLP?

Anyone can use your design if you share your PLP for Pixellab

PLP File Download

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